Shot Navi N2

Pre-loaded 30,000 Courses, No Addtional Fees.

ShotNavi constantly update our course databases to provide our players with optimal golf experience. The ShotNavi N2 comes preloaded with more than 30,000 golf course data so that 30,000 golf course data so that you can use the N2 immediately on a golf course.

Multiple views, Digital Scorecard

By clicking the Mode button switches from a view to another easily and quickly. You can select the views from standard view (distance to front/center/back of the green), hazard view (distance to the hazards), and digital scorecard view as necessary. The multi-view function takes your game to the next level.

Made by Japan / Japan Quality

Shot Navi is a best-selling golf GPS in Japan for years. Our products are designed and developed in Japan where is know for high quality & accurate production.


Distance to hazard

Large font

Digital scorecard

Shot Distance measurement

Audio distance guidance