Shot Navi W1-GL

Pre-loaded 30,000 Courses, No Addtional Fees.

ShotNavi constantly update our course databases to provide our players with optimal golf experience. The ShotNavi W1-GL supports 30,000 courses worldwide and it comes preloaded so you can use immediately on a golf course.

Energy efficiency for Longer Play

Energy efficient design means more play time for you. With once charge, the ShotNavi W1-GL provides 8 hours of play with using GPS and 4 weeks without.

Standard View

Press the UP or DOWN button switches to display distances to front/center/back of the green in large font.

Hazards View

Press the UP or DOWN button displays distances to each hazard on the hole you are playing.

Score counter

Hold the UP button lets you keep strokes taken. Hold the DOWN button count your putting strokes.

Shot distance measurement

You can measure the distance of a shot at any time. Hold the “OK” button to start & walk to your ball.